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Salisbury Tower, Birmingham

Key Details

Main Contractor




Hire Duration

77 weeks

Machine Selection

Bocker LX2024 A25 (T/P)

GEDA PH 20/32 (P/G) x2

This refurbishment project at Salisbury Tower in Birmingham required a combination of Transport Platforms and Passenger & Goods Hoists to cover 22 floors. NTP supplied our customer with two GEDA PH machines, along with a Bocker LX2024 to meet site’s requirements. This tailored fleet was installed with additional C Gates on each hoist.

The modular design of the LX2024 provided allowed our customer to have further choice in configuration, as a number of different platform sizes can be provided to find the best fit. In this instance, our A25 model was chosen, and an additional C Gate was also supplied to provide an additonal entry point to the machine. 

Long running projects like this one show the durability of our machines. Over the 77 week duration we continuously examined our hoists and provided weekly inspections to ensure everything is kept in good working order.

Due to the number of floors and nature of the works on site, our operations team worked together with our customer to decide on an installation and dismantle sequence. This allowed for the machines to be installed in stages. Each machine was installed in 5x seperate visits, with thorough testing carried out between each climb along with weight testing to ensure the safety of our hoists.